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Welcome to Bachat Bazaar !

1. Bachat Ke Liye Brand Nahi Dukan Badle.

2. Hum Rakhte he Aap Ki Sehat or Jaeb Ka Kheyal.

3.khushiya ab apke ghar

4.bachat bhi sehat bhi khushiya bhi 

In our daily life, we use several items to perform our works and for this we always in a search of good companies from where we can get good and quality products. But these days, it becomes a very difficult task for the people. Every company claims to be the best but in actual it is not so. Thus, here Bhavya Bachat Bazar stands for.


Bhavya Bachat Bazar, which was found in far past, is a leading supplier and retailer of daily usage products including grocery items, cloths, utensils, cosmetic products etc. Beside this, our company also operates the largest market of solar products, Stabilizer and RO water purifier in Bihar. The main motto of our company is to fulfill the satisfaction level of our customers by providing them best and quality products.


Despite of this, our company is also intended to provide electricity in every village of Bihar and for this, we operates the large market of solar home light system in various districts of Bihar. With the help of stockiest, our distributors make solar home light system available in the market at affordable rate as well as provide complete details about the solar light system. Also, we offer our customers guarantee, competitive pricing and always flexible in adapting to the client's need. Our management team brings for you the best technologies and products from all round the globe to provide cheap and best solutions cum services.